University of North Carolina at Greensboro, in partnership with Bank of America and Bottomline Technologies Inc., maintains an electronic ACH payment solution to facilitate paperless payment to our suppliers. Bottomline offers one of two service levels for our vendors (not sole proprietors and individuals) to securely receive electronic payments:

Basic ACH

  • Cost Waived with Enrollment Code
  • Fast, electronic payments!
  • Payment Notification via email
  • 24×7 Payment Details online
  • Mitigation of payment fraud risk
  • Paperless payment process

Premium ACH

  • Network Use Fee
  • All Basic services
  • Live Payment Tracker
  • Rich Remittance Detail
  • Voice-enabled mobile app
  • My Payers functionality to track and trend largest customers
  • Searchable graphical and list views of payment data
  • Ability to submit invoices electronically
  • Vendor Connect – enables payers in the network to find your business
  • Vendor Spotlight – Advertise with Paymode-X

University of North Carolina at Greensboro will set payment terms for Paymode-X ACH payments to Net 30. Default check payments will be paid at Net 45 terms.

Both service levels will save time and money by reducing labor, expense and risks associated with check payments, reduction in paper and mail costs, and Paymode-X requires no software purchases.

The Network Use fee associated with the Premium ACH service level is a Paymode-X assessed fee. This fee is received by Paymode-X to receive your funds electronically with full remittance in a format of your choice. All inquiries related to Paymode X fees should be directed to the Enrollment Team at 1-800-331-0974 or [email protected].

To Enroll

To enroll in this payment arrangement, an authorized company representative can navigate to this web-page: https://go.paymode.com/UNCG/G-UY32DDQFU, or contact Bottomline’s Paymode-X Enrollment Team via email at [email protected] or phone call at 1-800-331-0974.

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