Department Email:acctpay@uncg.eduGeneral questions and/or inquiries
acctpaye@uncg.eduPO invoices, inquiries
travel@uncg.eduTravel questions & inquiries
Mailing Address:University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Accounts Payable
270 Mossman Bldg.
PO Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
Staff Members:
Robin Jones
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Debora V. Sharpe
Accounts Payable, Lead
Purchase Order Payments, Primary
BANFIN-32s Direct Pay Authorization - Vendors & Non-employee Payments
Purchase Order Payments, Secondary

Terri Taylor
Accounts Payable, Lead
Travel, Primary
Melinda Black
Travel, Secondary
Bank of American ePayables, Secondary
1099s, Secondary

Bank of American ePayables, Primary
BANCPS Contracted Personal Services
BANHON Honoraria
BANFIN-33 Interdepartmental Invoices
BANFIN-50 University Library Invoices
BANFIN-56 Printing Services Invoices
BANFIN-59 Facilities Operations Invoices
BANFIN-60 Bookstore Invoices
BANFIN-69 University Food Services Invoices
BANFIN-72 Motor Pool Invoices

Paula Welborn
1099s, Primary
Check Disbursement
Vendor Set Ups (W-9s)
Vendor Address Changes
Check Voids/Stop Payments/Replacements, Primary
BANFIN-32s Direct Pay Authorizations - Reimbursements for Employees & Students
BANFIN-34s Change Funds Establishments and Reimbursements
BANMOV Moving Expense Reimbursement
BANMOV-OTH Employee Lodging, Rent and Other Moving Expenses
Vendor Statements/Inquiries
Check Voids/Stop Payments/Replacements, Secondary