Department Email:acctpaya@uncg.eduGeneral questions and/or inquiries
acctpay@uncg.eduPO invoices, inquiries
travel@uncg.eduTravel questions & inquiries
Mailing Address:University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Accounts Payable
270 Mossman Bldg.
PO Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
Staff Members:
Robin Jones
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Debora V. Sharpe
PO Auditor
Purchase Order Payments, Primary
Paula Welborn
Disbursement Auditor
Vendor Set Ups (W-9s), Primary
Vendor Address Changes, Primary
Check Disburser
Check Voids/Stop Payments/Replacements

Cathy Hendren
A/P Auditor
BANFIN-32s Direct Pay Authorizations - Vendors & Non-employee Payments
Purchase Order Payments, Secondary
Terri Taylor
Travel Auditor
Travel, Primary
Melinda Black
Assistant Travel Auditor
Cicely Maynard-Ross
A/P Auditor
1099s, Primary
Bank of America ePayables, Primary
BANCPS Contracted Personal Services
BANHON Honoraria
BANFIN-33 Interdepartmental Invoices
BANFIN-50 University Library Invoices
BANFIN-56 Printing Services Invoices
BANFIN-59 Physical Plant Invoices
BANFIN-60 Bookstore Invoices
BANFIN-69 University Food Services Invoices
BANFIN-72 Motor Pool Invoices
Pamela Fields
A/P Auditor
BANFIN-32s Direct Pay Authorizations - Reimbursements for Employees & Students
BANFIN-34s Change Funds Establishments and Reimbursements
BANMOV Moving Expense Reimbursement
BANMOV-OTH Employee Lodging, Rent and Other Moving Expenses
Vendor Statements/Inquiries